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  • About cold storage design construction projects, you may all understand or a part of, perhaps you are looking for one or two or more manufacturers to contact, to hear the different programs and prices, the limited time is spent on numerous phone messages and even the interviewing process. and ultimately evryone is rational, how to identify what kind of program is the most appropriate and something you most wanted?
    We will give you one-stop service, as long as you provide your approximate wishs,we will provide to you the best cold storage design with project planning, design, different brand devices offer, engineering installation, Engineering after-sales service.
    Limited funding to best meet your need.
    If you know these, then you will have a good grasp of the cold storage project.
    Do you know the dimensions of building a cold storage : Length_Width_Height,units meters
    Do you know the inventories design temperature of building a cold storage : deep freezer -25 ℃, Refrigerated -18 ℃, Preservation refrigeration 0 ℃, Preservation 2 ℃,Preservation 10 ℃.
    Do you know the inventories of building a cold storage : 20 tons ,50 tons, 100 tons, 500 tons , 1000 tons and 5000 tons
    Do you know from the need to build a cold storage of date and out of the volume: total library 2% 5% 8% 10% 20%
    Do you know the minimum cooling time of temperature of building a cold storage : 6H 8H 10H 12H 24H
    Do you know the brand manufacturers of of refrigeration unit of building a cold storage: Emerson Copeland,Bitzer Germany,Sigg,The Dalian Sanyo (Japan), Maneurop France, Taikang France,Japan's Hitachi, Frascold Italy, Carrier US, Turin Italy
    Do you understand the project equipment of the construction of building a cold storage is domestic or imported:
    If you only know just a little, you found more manufacturers are just rough price? Limited work time for policy makers, spent on so many manufacturers' offer, so why don't you spend limited time on one manufacturer, we provide you with practical projects and programmes. Cold storage projects you do know through and through, no longer have to spend all day for different manufacturer phone messages and visits.
    Welcome to visit our company!
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