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Green need to work together
  • Keyword:Green need to work together   Author:admin   Time:2012-11-26
  • China is a populous country, 668 cities across the country, there are more than 400 in the dry state, mostly because of water pollution caused. The circulating water in the cold storage after a period of use will be replaced if it is directly discharged easily pollute the environment, and how to deal with the circulating water and the multi-channel using a circulating water is an opportunity to contribute to environmental protection.

    Before the use of recycled water to farmed fish, is to increase farmers' income also reduce circulating water waste. Ammonia refrigeration cycle water may with trace amounts of ammonia, and we all know the hazards of ammonia, indiscriminate discharge likely to cause water pollution.

    The green all industries in the positive development in the direction, the cold storage industry is certainly no exception. Not give up the protection of the environment because of the short-term interests, must be left for future generations a blue sky, clear water of the earth.

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