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110,000 tons of cold storage to help stabilize the price of meat
  • Keyword:cold storage   Author:admin   Time:2012-11-26
  • On December 20, the National Development and Reform Economic Work Conference held in Chengdu. The meeting revealed that, before April next year, 11 tons of the Central Reserve meat cold storage is expected to be put into use, will play an important role in stabilizing the price of pork. Zhang Xiaoqiang, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, attended the meeting and delivered a speech, Wang Ning, vice governor, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

    Zhang Xiaoqiang, in his speech disclosed that, in 2012, the state has adopted and the implementation of policies and measures to strengthening the fresh agricultural products circulation system construction, continue to strictly control the amount of corn deep processing, promoting corn deep processing industry mergers and restructuring and eliminate backward production capacity, resolutely curb the momentum of corn deep processing of blind development of continue to expand the scale of pork reserves to support part of the backbone enterprises to establish commercial reserves of pork. Early last year, the first directly under the central reserve meat cold storage project is put into operation in Chengdu. The project is in the process this year, fluctuations in the price of pork, played a positive role.

    In addition, the National Development and Reform Commission is working on the preparation of "logistics industry long-term development plan (2012-2020)" and "National Logistics Park development plan, which is mainly to solve the extensive development of the logistics park, low level cold storage management and cold storage of redundant construction issues such as health guide national cold storage logistics park development, raise the level of land intensive.

    Reporters learned from the meeting, At present, the province has 51 of the A-class logistics enterprises, of which 12 enterprises 4A level 24 the 3A class logistics enterprises. 43, including UPS, Japan Kintetsu, Kerry Chase settled in foreign logistics enterprises in Sichuan, all four national aviation giant and the top ten domestic courier companies settled in Chengdu.

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