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The Shanghai cold storage will be towards the development of science
  • Keyword:cold storage   Author:admin   Time:2012-11-28
  • 20% of the cold storage resources fall into the hands of Jinjiang, passed a resolution shortly before the Jin Jiang Investment, agreed to the transferee by its subsidiary Shanghai Jin Jiang International Low Temperature Logistics Development Co., Ltd. Shanghai Food (Group) Co., Ltd. held by Shanghai Shang Hai95% stake in food Co., Ltd., a 100% equity interest in Shanghai Wujing Cold Storage Company, the total the Shanghai Wusong meat packing plants 100% equity, the transaction amount of 135.42 million yuan. The three companies has a total of 73,000 tons of cold storage.

    After the completion of the acquisition by the joint venture and other forms, the introduction of modern low-temperature storage, logistics service suppliers, to build low-temperature logistics industry IT support, distribution, warehousing, transportation and other services for the core. The same time, the transaction will also allow further extend and expand the company's logistics the main industry on the basis of the existing JHJ Shilian Jinjiang; complementary synergies through the industry, resources, information sharing, and the company's main business core logistics competition capacity can be improved. The acquisition also circumvent competition peers with related parties.

    Is not difficult to see Jin Jiang Investment is not just a simple use of existing resources, but to re-integration of the planning, the introduction of new technology to implement the development of information technology cold storage. That can be said is a very forward-looking.

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