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Several main reason analysis of cold storage is not cooling
  • Keyword:cold storage   Author:admin   Time:2012-11-27
  • Cold storage cooling effect reach envisaged in use there may in many cases is a result of the cold storage of the construction period because no well calculated the amount of refrigerant. Some cold storage in use occurred some time after the main phenomenon: loss of a large amount of cold, heat transfer effect is reduced, the cold refrigerant stream is too large or too small, lack of cooling capacity, cooling capacity can not meet the Treasury meet the requirements, or unreasonable evaporator area configuration.

    , Which result in cold storage to occur as described above, several phenomena are mainly caused by the following circumstances:

    1, cold storage due to poor insulation or sealing performance

    2, the surface of the cold evaporator frosting is too thick or too much dust

    3, and an evaporator in the presence of air or refrigerating oil

    4, the throttle valve improperly adjusted or blockage

    5, the amount of refrigerant in the system, the efficiency of the compressor is low

    Cold storage configuration problems is the key issue, if the building early on did not estimate enough cold storage refrigeration capacity, in the latter part of the process in a timely manner to fully achieve the maintenance as well as maintenance of the cold storage is also useless. Cold storage companies generally require customers to carefully consider the specific storage items, as well as the form of the cooling capacity of the cold storage and leave some space to protect even in small-scale change cold storage forms, was still able to maintain the normal use of the cold storage.

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