Frequently asked questions

What is unique about ImageAmerica’s Ortho products?

Our Corporate goal is to provide current, GIS compatible orthoimagery, at a price that allows frequent updates. Our Ortho Update product allows customers to gain additional value from previously acquired DEM and Ortho data by allowing ImageAmerica to utilize these assets as part of our methodology. Utilizing these assets contributes to improved delivery time and lower cost for new orthoimagery.

Where customers have no existing DEM and/or Ortho data, our methodology can utilize off-the-shelf USGS DEM or new DEM, combined with just a handful of known ground points to deliver the Ortho Startup highly accurate image maps in time frames and at costs not previously possible.

How can ImageAmerica deliver so quickly?

Our proprietary direct-digital camera system allows us to collect imagery for most projects in a day or less. Automated software allows us to produce fully balanced and mosaicked orthoimages very quickly.

Will ImageAmerica products cause any problem with my existing GIS?

…quite the contrary. We utilize whatever projection and tiling scheme the customer specifies. Where no historic scheme is in place, ImageAmerica can help develop the proper solution.

Your pricing seems hard to believe, and delivery is extremely quick. Can you provide customers for us to talk to?

We would be pleased to provide a customer and reference list upon request.

Doing business with ImageAmerica is easy.

We make doing business with ImageAmerica easy for our customers. Once a proposal is accepted the customer issues a purchase order for the full amount of the project. For most projects no advance funding or milestone payments are required. ImageAmerica schedules the collection and processing work at a time established by the customer. When our Ortho Update product is delivered, it is accompanied by our invoice. Payment is due within 30 days. If new Terrain is required we may structure straightforward milestone payments. In any event, our work is guaranteed.

I want multiple map scales for areas of my county. Can I get them with the ImageAmerica process?

Yes. ImageAmerica can deliver customer-specified tiles, each at different map scales. We do so by collecting 6” or 1’ imagery and then re-sampling as needed. We can deliver full data sets at multiple map scales for a very small cost.

Who owns the rights to the delivered data?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions from our customers and prospects. For the benefit of our customers, ImageAmerica is open to a variety of business arrangements.

Why is it desirable to use existing elevation models or generate new elevation models from another source?

Using existing elevation models contributes to the low cost and quick delivery of our product.

I’d like to send ImageAmerica a “Request for Proposal” for orthoimagery. What should I know to facilitate that process?

Just make sure you allow “new” or “alternate” methodologies to bid for your work. The important thing is that we meet your product specifications. You should refer to the Ortho Products page on this site. We can provide suggested RFP language to insert into any RFP that will allow us to respond with a competitive bid.