Ortho Products

Ortho Update

Ortho Update is intended for customers who have an existing orthoimage base map and GIS system. ImageAmerica collects new digital imagery of the area at the required resolution, usually 6 inches to 1 foot. Then utilizing the customer’s existing DEM (Digital Elevation Model) for orthorectification and the existing ortho as a substitute for surveyed ground control, to ensure consistency with the customer’s existing base map, ImageAmerica creates a highly accurate new ortho imagery map. Since this is an all-digital process and there is no requirement for film processing and conversion, surveying or aerial triangulation, there is an immediate savings in time and cost. The ImageAmerica Ortho Update product is generally delivered within weeks of new imagery collection.

Ortho Startup

Ortho Startup is intended for customers who, usually for cost reasons, do not currently have high resolution ortho in their GIS but would like to. The Startup process involves the acquisition of a DEM data set from some other source. We work with you to identify existing terrain models or provide options for obtaining new terrain data. This process also requires minimal surveyed ground control which typically includes 6-12 points over a typical county sized area. With these resources ImageAmerica then collects the imagery and, utilizing our proprietary processing capability, creates a highly accurate base map delivered at a price you can afford.

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