Image America Accurate, High Resolution Digital Ortho

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High-resolution imagery of post-Katrina New Orleans and Mississippi Gulf Coast

ImageAmerica is in the business of providing updated and new digital orthoimagery for use in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Customers generally include city, county, state and federal government entities along with commercial enterprises.

Our digital ortho technologies provide a unique combination of benefits including wide area coverage, high resolution, National Map Accuracy Standard (NMAS) accuracy, quick delivery and low cost.

Our Beech Starship aircraft provides the perfect platform for the DDP-2 (Direct Digital Panoramic) system. Able to fly high, fast and with great stability, the aircraft allows us to optimize the camera system capability.

Using our patented DDP-2 camera and highly automated processing system, ImageAmerica, through its line of digital ortho products, provides the benefits mentioned above.

With a substantial investment in the development of our digital collection and processing capabilities, ImageAmerica provides our GIS customers an alternative to the historic high cost and slow delivery of traditional film based ortho products.

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Using ImageAmerica products, customers with existing GIS can now afford to obtain annual highly accurate updates to their ortho base maps. Customers who have been precluded from having a functional GIS due to high cost, particularly the cost of digital ortho, can now afford such an investment.

Our Update product provides customers who have an existing GIS and an existing digital ortho base map with highly accurate, high resolution (usually 6 inches to 1 foot) imagery that meets NMAS.

Our Startup product is specifically designed for those customers seeking a low cost method of obtaining an ortho base map for their GIS.